07 2 / 2014

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06 2 / 2014

I guess all my Tumblr friends have left the site since I was last here


06 2 / 2014

Dammit I’m Not A Redhead Any More

Anyone got any decent brunette puns?

06 2 / 2014

Dem abs

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06 2 / 2014

alexxxbon replied to your post:Hey Tumblr
whoaaaaa where u been, sexy?

I stopped updating coz I’d run out of things to say :P

06 2 / 2014

Hey Tumblr

What’s up?

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27 7 / 2013

Fitness Bug

I seem to have gone insane. Send help.

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27 7 / 2013

Anonymous said: I've wanted to be a stripper for a few years now and I am now 19 and ok with my body, so decided i'm going to go for it. The only thing is when dancing for a song do you ever like run out of moves like 'shit what do I do now?' If so what the hell do you do? Cus that's what I'm worried about x

a) Look up videos for move ideas

b) Dance slower so your moves take longer

c) Practice, practice, practice

d) If all else fails just smile and get your tits out coz that’s all that guys care about anyway


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16 7 / 2013


It’s one of those days where the rain is slashing down on the streets, Carla throws down her cigarette, she sees a group of men duck into the club with great haste.

Really its fucking Monday she thinks.

She follows the group of middle aged men, immediately they head to the bar…


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13 7 / 2013

Midnight Hangover

It turns out drinking at 2:30 in the afternoon is not a good idea. I met up with Lexi for lunch which turned into drinks in the park which turned into drinks in the pub which turned into cocktails. I walked into work absolutely wasted and immediately drunk about 2 litres of water. I worked my ass off to make the £80 house fee and immediately stopped caring, ended up spending ages just sitting on my ass doing nothing because I had a mega headache and was super tired. As soon as I finish my snack I’m going to bed and crashing hard. I had a great time hanging out with Lexi but damn, it’s seriously cost me. 

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